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Treatments We Offer

Manual / Physical therapy


  • Injuries treated vary according to activity involved.
  • Initial consultation
  • Screening assessments (Joints are assessed for strength, alignment, and balance)
  • Examination of injuries
  • Reductions of Joint Pain / Stiffness
  • Increased Range of Motion
  • Restored muscle balance

Diagnosis of injuries. Normal procedure consists of assessing a patient's condition prior to the appropriate treatment direction. These biomechanical assessments assess an individual's joint function and bone structure for abnormalities that may contribute to a pattern of function that predisposes to injury. Spinal symmetry, limb length, hip knee and foot function with neurology factors

Stage by Stage Rehab Program

Joint Range of motion mobilisations to help to relieve pain and stiffness and encourage joints back to their normal function and position. Using Osteopathic Techniques and Spinal Therapy for nervous system improvements, in order to allow for full recovery from brain stimulus input and nerve stimulation.

Restores the physical ability so that you can optimally function to a level as independently as possible. Rehabilitation of work related problems such as neck ache and back pain and repetitive strain injury. Common muscular and joint complaints mobility problems, postural problems and work related conditions.

Sports Therapy

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Sports Massage / Soft tissue Massage

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Spinal Therapy / Osteopathic Techniques

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Injury Prevention Strategies

Prevention being better than cure, regular screening for physiological weaknesses that may lead to injury is encouraged.

Injury or strain can hinder normal daily life activity; unwavering commitment to health and well-being can help you through these challenging moments no matter what the pressure.

Whatever the situation, our practitioners will use expertise, experience and determination to deal with injuries and work through the entire rehabilitation process.

Posture and core stabilizations

Affects pelvic floor musculature to reduce pelvic pain and strengthen musculature.

Neuromuscular / Proprioceptive Techniques

Allowing your body to respond and react as quickly and responsibly as possible without major discomfort.

Activity specific

This will allow you to continue your day to day life with the best possible preparation to prevent any possible injury occurring. For any particular job or sporting practise, whether previously injured or not.


Paul Davies
Patient 'A'

"I have seen Kieron several times with an ongoing shoulder injury. Along with my golfer's elbow injury this has been cured and is back better than ever. I would recommend regular treatments like I have had which keep my body free from injury and active for training and working life. A bad posture had be developed over time through work which is now under control and pain-free."

Carl Kinslow
Professional MMA Fighter

"Since I visited the clinic I have noticed an overall improvement in my capacity to train and also an improvement in my general recovery rate which I am sure is due to the excellent therapy that I receive. I would not hesitate in recommending him to any colleagues, friends or family."

Marvin Campbell
Movie Stunt Man

"The Injury Therapist has a professional approach and the treatment has immensely improved my condition. I would recommend him to anyone who has an injury, an ongoing condition or suffers from general aches and pains."

Patient 'B'

"I have visited the clinic regularly for 2 years. This enables me to work and exercise pain-free. I had a lack of mobility in my knee, after a course of intense physiotherapy and acupuncture I was able to perform back to the best of my ability. Lower back pain was also present which lead to sciatica. With the success of the treatment I was able to stop taking my prescribed pain killers.
Regular sports massage at Injury Therapist for maintenance keeps me mobile and pain-free"

Ultra Endurance Marathon Runner

"I did my race Saturday and knee held up brilliantly.  I did it in under 12 hours and came 4th! Just wanted to say all is OK.  Also to say a big thank you for your help."


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